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Americom Construction Co., Inc. is a full service commercial construction company. At Americom, we strive to be professional in every avenue of our service to our clients. To be professional means to be qualified, certified, and bring a servant's mentality to every project to ensure your project is completed in a safe, timely manner that will meet tour expectations for a quality job. 




Americom employs qualified personnel with years of experience to manage our in-house concrete workers, steel fabricators, iron workers, carpenters, and painters.


Americom's steel fabricators have been tested and certified in accordance with the requirments of the ANSI structural welding steel code. All Americom operators have their Certified Driver's License and are required to maintain and check to make sure all equipment is safe before usage. 


Americom participates in an OSHA approved safety program. We also have a pre-hire, random and post-accident drug testing policy. 

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